SAFC Related Historic T-Shirts

Charlie Buchan Loves SAFC!

Given the massive archive at our disposal we thought it might be an idea to offer some historically minded merchandise for sale via the site. In time this will include posters, mugs and mouse mats etc.

However at the minute we are working on a series of t-shirts of the month with the first being “Charlie Buchan Loves SAFC”. You can see the designs on this page. Clearly we are working on the most cost effective option for everyone and we are currently sourcing a supplier. Charlie Buchan is of course a club icon and we could think of no one more fitting than one of our all time greats to get the ball rolling.

We also thought it only fair to remind the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea just how many times we have been English League champions!

Charlie Buchan Loves SAFC 1 Charlie Buchan Loves SAFC 2 Charlie Buchan Loves SAFC 3 Charlie Buchan Loves SAFC 4 Charlie Buchan Loves SAFC 5



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