Sunderland AFC 2019 Calendar

Sunderland AFC Historic 2019 Calendar

Superb Sunderland AFC 2019 calendar, which takes the fan through a history of the club via some simply exquisite images, with short write ups. Months are as follows: 

January – Hemy Painting

February – Roker Park

March – Charlie Buchan

April – World Champions

May – 1937 FA Cup Winners

June – Bob Kyle

July – The Black Cat

August – Bank Of England

September – Aston Villa

October – Bobby Gurney

November – James Allan

December – Raich Carter

Examples of a sample of the months, including the front cover are displayed on this page. It would look superb on your wall at work or at home. Remind yourself of those important dates during 2019 whilst reliving some Sunderland AFC and football nostalgia. An excellent Xmas or birthday gift for the SAFC fan in your life; as well as yourself! The price is £19.99; free postage and can be purchased via the link at the foot of this page. Contact for further details.

august-2019-bank-of-england february-2019-roker-park front-cover march-2019-charlie-buchan may-2019-1937 october-2019-bobby-gurney