SAFC’s Match Of The Day

Ryehill Football has searched its match reports archive and features from it some of the club’s most memorable wins.

Sunderland 7 v 2 Nottingham Forest, 7 March 1906

Sunderland: Holley (15, 34, ?), Hogg (42), Thompson (44, ?), Bridgett

Nottingham Forest: West (16), Morrison

Attendance 12,000

Sunderland: Ward, Marples, Foster, Daykin, Low, Jarvie, Thompson, Hogg, Raybould Holley, Bridgett

Nottingham Forest: Linacre, Gibson, Maltby, Needham, Wole, Armstrong, Shearman, Morrison, West, Morris, Spouncer



This game at Roker Park was played under almost ideal conditions. Sunderland were without Roose who was replaced by Ward and Forest were missing Hughes for whom Needham deputised. Sunderland again proved what they are capable of when in their best goalscoring mood in front of about 12,000 spectators. For the greater part of the first half they were not in the same street skillwise as their opponent but after the first 20 minutes their determination to get goals was unquenchable.

As a result they won their 5th successive home game and scored the highest number of goals ever in a game at Roker Park. The 7 they scored made them the top goalscorers in the league despite their lowly position in the table. At the start there was a striking contrast between the quality of the passing of the two teams. Forests was a product of careful judgement and was machine like in its precision. Sunderland on the other hand scarcely made an attempt a well judged precision work.

As a consequence Nottingham did nearly all the attacking and yet it was Sunderland who scored the 1st goal in the 15th minute after a rapid advance. Once within range Raybould lofted the ball in from the wing and Holley headed in splendidly. Almost immediately Forest equalised when West headed in following a free kick. Ward got a hand to the ball and turned it against the post but it rebounded into the net. Holley brightened up a somewhat dull game with a splendid run that gave him an open goal and he fired home without the slightest hesitation after 34 minutes.

Sunderland mounted further fitful attacks marked by dash and determination. In one of these raids Thompson slung over a centre and Hogg going in at full pelt found the net after 42 minutes. With the crowd expecting the halftime whistle Thompson atoned for some mediocre work by scoring with a swift low drive. The 2nd half had none of the one-sidedness of the first 25 minutes with the visitors effective combination now absent. When in this mood Sunderland are capable of getting through any defence and Forests was not that good.

In the 2nd half Sunderland added further goals through Thompson, Holley and Bridgett and they were all good shots. Hogg nearly added another 2 before Morrison found the home net close on time. For Sunderland Ward gave an excellent display and both full backs did well. The halfbacks tackling was not what it might have been but the forwards all showed great determination, cohesion and precision. For Forest Linacre was poorly supported by Gibson and Maltby, the halfbacks were fairly good and the passing of the forwards was often a treat to watch.


Sunderland 7 v 1 Arsenal, Roker Park, 12 September 1953

Sunderland: Trevor Ford (38, 69,88), Billy Elliott (43,81), Len Shackleton (68), Tommy Wright (78)

Arsenal: Lishman (26)

Attendance  59,808

Sunderland: Cowan, Hedley, Hudgell, Anderson, Daniel, Snell, Bingham, Wright (T), Ford, Shackleton, Elliott 

Arsenal: Swindin, Barnes, Evans, Forbes, Dodgin, Mercer, Milton, Logie, Holton. Lishman, Roper


Hat trick hero Trevor Ford in action

The Sunderland fans must have been still floating long after the final whistle of this match and if Sunderlands brilliant form of the second half can be maintained they will have more occasions to do so. For periods in that second half the crowd of just under 60,000 saw the home side smash through Arsenal with all the power, punch and skill that has been expected of them.

This was powerhouse soccer with halves and backs fighting for the ball and the forwards every move bringing panic to a bedraggled Arsenal defence. The visitors had no depth in defence. There were times when the Sunderland play looked fit for a championship label when it seemed no team could have stopped them. Yet the were other times when they looked just what they are, a second from bottom of the table team. One has to remember the that first half.

They were fumbling and hesitant players always pausing for a vital second to place a colleague before passing. It was as though they had never played alongside one another before. This was a  period when Arsenal had menace though they played at a leasurely pace. Things could have been so different.

As early as the 8th min for instance Daniel missed a swerving ball up the middle and let in Holton who had all the goal to shoot at with no one to stop him but Cowan. The centre forward missed. Lishman also missed with a header then scored with a header for Arsenals only goal of the game. It was Lishman again who popped up ten minutes from half time to force Cowan to save.

Thoughts were there of more wearside disappointment but after Ford equalised and Elliott scored his first goal for the club, Arsenal did look a bottom of the table side. Their halves were beaten time and again and their wingers weak and slow. The whole side seemed to lose interest. And so inevitably the goals came. Good goals they were to, full of vim and vigour.

Two in the second half came from passes by Shackleton who had had a lean time before the interval. The only forward not to score was Bingham but he gave the pass from which Ford got his best goal. Bingham was one of the stars of the match. He beat full back Evans almost every time they clashed and his interchanging with T Wright was out of the top drawer. Ford also had a good match.

Snell and Anderson did many good things too. Sometimes construction was missing they were too hasty but they worked tremendously hard. Snell worked too hard in fact his enthusiasm led to several free kicks one of which brought the Arsenal goal. Both backs were steady after a nervy opening. Cowan kept goal well making one stirring save from a close range shot by Logie but the great man in defence was Daniel. After his slip in the 8th min he was brilliant.

The goals came as follows :- Lishman 26 mins, Ford 38 mins, Elliott 43 mins – a glorious shot, Shackleton 68 mins, Ford 69 mins, Wright 78 mins. The other 3 minutes later direct from an Elliott corner and Ford 88 mins.