Sunderland AFC – Commemorative Cards

Sunderland AFC – Commemorative Cards

Famous Sunderland AFC players, commemorated in a set of A4, double sided, 400gsm, full colour cards

Ryehill Football is commemorating more of Sunderland AFC’s players in a second series of 5 x A4 double sided cards never before read, comprehensive write-ups on each of the players featured in the set.

The players are numbered in alphabetical sequence order, following the numerical model set by StatCat, the comprehensive SAFC statistical site.

All A4 double sided, 400gsm, 5 cards as follows:

Card 1 – Dicky Jackson – SAFC Player 101 – reverse side, full colour image of the 1904/05 SAFC squad with directors

Card 2 – Gary Rowell – SAFC Player 598 – reverse side full colour SAFC squad lineup 1978/79

Card 3 – Marco Gabbiadini – SAFC Player 693 – reverse side Marco scores v Man City 1991

Card 4 – George Holley – SAFC Player 144 – reverse side continues the write up on his career with second image of player

Card 5 – Claudio Marangoni – SAFC Player 630 – reverse side – full colour SAFC squad image from 1980/81 season

Sunderland AFC’s history writ large in a set of historical cards to treasure!

This set is limited to 50 copies only and the second batch will be despatched on 30 June 2023. Priced at £19.99 plus ££2.65 postage and packing – for the full set

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