In Colour; Sunderland AFC 1880 to 1945

In Colour; Sunderland AFC 1880 to 1945

The very first club, in world football, to have a dedicated full colour pre war football book.

The Xmas present for the SAFC fan in your life for 2021. Limited edition of just 100 copies!

Update – 26 September 2021 – the printed copies have arrived and are in the process of being packaged up. They will start to be posted from 27 September 2021. 

The book is registered at Neilsen with the ISBN 978-1-8383561-1-8 and it has an official publication date of 1 September 2021. The publisher is World Vintage Colours –

Ryehill Football presents “In Colour, Sunderland AFC, 1880 to 1945” the very first pre war book on the football club ever produced in full colour. 

This is the result of a years long football image colourisation project, the biggest in UK football that has transformed black and white images of players, teams and action shots into beautiful colour. 

It is a sister book of “In Colour, A History Of British Football, 1863 to 1930” that has now sold out. 

The Sunderland version is 200 pages, A4 size landscape, full colour, using the best available materials and will feature some of the football clubs best known players such as Raich Carter, Bobby Gurney and Charlie Buchan. Along the way you will also meet some of the clubs lesser known pre war players.

Also featured are some of our most famous teams from the 1890’s to 1930’s shown for the first time in a full colour book. 

Rare full colour images of Roker Park, including the 1900 meeting with Blackburn Rovers.

The book is limited to just 100 copies, will be available from September 2021, in time for Xmas, and will prove to be one of the most collectible SAFC books ever produced.

As a supplement 2 x A4 colour images of a pre war SAFC player and the 1935/36 league championship winning side will be included with every copy of the book bought and the book will be bound with special historical SAFC wrapping paper.

Priced at £39.99 plus £4 postage and packing it will be a beautiful Xmas gift for the SAFC fanatic in your life. 

Below are some of the original designs that will go into the book and the books progress will be charted periodically on this page. 

Simply unmissable!

This book is now sold out!


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