Bradley Lowery – Farewell To An SAFC Icon

All at Ryehill Football were greatly saddened to learn of the death of 6 year old, cancer sufferer, and Sunderland AFC fanatic Bradley Lowery. We have also followed today’s events from Blackhall Colliery, County Durham as the bairn passed on to meet his maker. There are five things that struck us about the bairns short life and tragic death:

  1. The humour, fun and complete disregard for his own suffering was an inspiration. A 6 year old who struggles for four and a half years of his short life with such bravery deserves recognition;
  2. The awareness that his short life has brought to the various strains of The Big C and the money raised will now assist others to, hopefully, live a longer life. It is a fitting legacy;
  3. Football fans and players from far and wide have joined the SAFC community to pay tribute to our young fan, a recognition not only of the bairns bravery but of their family members and friends who have left us due to Cancer and its various strains. Cancer has no colours. It is indiscriminate and it is deadly;
  4. The grace, empathy, friendship, commitment and humility shown by our now former Sunderland AFC footballer Jermaine Defoe will be long remembered; and finally this,
  5. Legends at football clubs do not just include footballers, certainly not at a club like Sunderland AFC. Our supporters also pass into legend and in doing so icons are created. John Tennick, Billy Simmons, George Summerside, Davey Dowell and Gary Breeds are names that will live on. Their devotion to the red and white cause understood and recognised. George Forster, another SAFC supporting icon, is fortunately still with us, now past 90. The aforementioned are joined by a 6 year old boy who now passes into SAFC legend and he becomes a red and white icon.

Bradley Lowery will not be forgotten. His death at just 6 years old reminds us all of the precariousness of life, that precious gift. Some people live until a ripe old age and never achieve what Bradley did. We sympathise with his family as they come to terms with their loss.

Tears shed, prayers said, humbled, saddened but heads held high Sunderland fans move on and in doing so cast their glance back to those icons who have gone before. One has been added to that list since the last time we looked. Lowery is his name, his number is 6.

Another red and white foot soldier walks tall in heaven. On this occasion Buchan, Carter and Gurney are there to greet him. Look after him.

Farewell Bradley; a life lived. Our little red and white boy. Gone. Missed. RIP.

“God’s finger touched him and he slept”.

Ryehill Football. Friday 14 July 2017. 


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